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Hilary Wolf (USA)

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date of Birth: Feb. 7, 1977
Place of birth: Chicago, USA
School: Frances W. Parker High School, 1995
Hobbies: Field hockey and track

Fact File:
Uptown Judo Club
Years in Judo: 17
Rank: Nidan (2nd degree black belt)

Olympic Games: Atlanta '96, Sydney '00
World Championships: Birmingham '99

6-time USJF Junior National Champion
5-time USJI Junior Olympic Champion
4-time USJI Senior National Champion

Top finishes:
1999 Pan American Judo Championships, 1st place
1999 Rendez Vous Canada, 2nd Place
1999 US International Invitational, 3rd place

1997 Pan American Judo Championships, 3rd place
1997 US International Invitational, 3rd place

1996 Pan American Judo Championships, 2nd place

1995 US Senior Nationals, 2nd place

1994 US Senior Nationals, 1st place
1994 US Olympic Festival, lst place
1994 US International Invitational, 2nd place
1994 Junior World Judo Championship, 1st place

1993 US Senior National Championionship, 1st place
1993 US Olympic Festival, 2nd place
1993 US International Invitational, 3rd place

1992 US Senior National Championship, 1st place
1992 US Junior Olympic Championship, first place
1992 US International Invitational, 3rd place

1991 US Senior National Championship, 1st place
1991 US Olympic Festival, 1st place


Hilary Wolf at the 1999 Pan American Championships on her way to taking the -52kg title

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