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Issue 50!! Who would have thought that TWOJ would ever have achieved 50 issues!! Back in the early days when the magazine started as a crazy idea when I had obtained my first Apple mac computer. Having put together an A4 sheet with a single photograph and some text I thought, “Another 35 of these and I’ll have a magazine!” It probably wouldn’t have got off the ground without George Kerr’s determination to have a British Judo magazine after the last magazine had failed about 4 years earlier. The small orange magazine survived for many years and many people still tell me that they have collected many of them, but non of A4 magazines have survived very long. I’m not surpise either, the effort and enthusiasm (regardless of finance) required to keep a publication going is huge. The weeks of work that are required to complete each magazine have changed the course of my life, without any doubt. You could make a small effort to help the future of the magazine by using the subscription form at the bottom of this page and subscribing for friend. For those old enough each issue is the price of a pint of lager and lasts a lot longer. Imagine buying 4 pints over a year that’s all it costs, and each time the magazine arrives on their doorstep they will thank you.
Now that the early part of the year’s tournament are over the focus is on the World Championships in Rio in September. The British team are taking part in conditioning camps and small competitions. For me now that this issue is finished I’m straight on to the next one! There is so much to tell you all, I keep thinking that stories will dry up, but always have too much to get between the covers. It’s often a critisism made of the magazine by ‘design experts’ that there is too much information, but I reckon that you need to know. Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to drop me a line to include in the letters page It doesn’t have to be an epic piece, just a couple of paragraphs would suffice.
Also check out my new book, details on page 32. It’s been the focus of my time for the last 18 months, tracking down medallists from the Athens 2004 Olympics and asking them for there memories and emotions. By the time you receive this issue it will be at the printers.
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