Edition No. 34. Spring, 2003. Today is
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TWOJ No. 34 Spring, 2003
What's in this issue?
Here's a taste of what you'll find in the latest printed edition of The World of Judo Magazine.
  • Junior Page
  • Technique Page - Jeon's Combination
  • Matsumae Cup
  • Adi Jones in Japan
  • New Dan Grades and New Ranking system
  • Kano Cup 2003
  • All Japan University Team Champ's
  • Rules Update
  • Masahiko Kimura - Judo Legend
  • Paris Tournament 2003
  • African Judo Championships report
  • Reg Lomax 6th Dan
  • and much more!

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Bob Willingham Welcome to The World of Judo Online!

It's Spring again and, with the sun beginning to break through, here comes your latest TWOJ to brighten your days even more! Once again it's a packed issue, as
you will see

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European Championships2003
Dusseldorf, Germany: May 16 - 19, 2003

The first day of the senior European Championships got off to a welcome start with a gold medal for the home fans to cheer and a return to the status quo for two traditional European heavyweights. France and Russia shared the spoils with two gold medals each from young fighters with big futures ahead of them...

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Paris Tournament 2003
Paris, France: Feb 8 - 9, 2003

Last year Craig Fallon won the British Open and then followed that up with a Gold in Manchester at the Commonwealth Games. And now he has won one of judo's biggest crowns of all - the Paris Super A Tournament. Is there any stopping this young fighter? Nicola Fairbrother reports from Paris...

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Adi Jones in Japan
Budai Story: Kangeiko

Graduation is less than 4 weeks away and it's been quite a time. In November it started to get colder (my Tongan training partner said that happened in September), but in December it got much colder, and even more so in January.

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Kano Cup 2003
Tokyo, Japan: Jan 11 - 12, 2003

A total of 142 fighters from 30 member National Federations participated in this year's event.

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All Japan University Team
Championships 2003

Amagasaki City, Japan

The standard of Judo as expected was extremely high, however I was disappointed with the refereeing. When I questioned some of the decisions, I was told that because of the weight categories international rules were being used. In one contest two -73kg players were disqualified for passivity!

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IJF Picture of the Month IJF Picture of the Month
June, 2003

Hernandez (BRA) throws Boonsayer (USA) for Ippon in the Mens Open Pan American Championships 2003.

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World Judo Championships
2003 Osaka, Japan


Other 2003 Events Include:

Asian Judo Championships
Oceania Judo Championships
South Pacific Games
Pan Am Judo Championships
European Judo Champs

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DARBELET, Benjamin (FRA)

BILODID, Gennadiy (UKR)


GREKOV, Valentyn (UKR)

ZEEVI, Ariel (ISR)

MIKHAYLIN, Alexandre (RUS)

TMENOV, Tamerlan (RUS)




EURANIE, Annabelle (FRA)





BRYANT, Karina (GBR)


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