Edition No. 26. Spring, 2001. Today is
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TWOJ 25 Attention All Serious Judoka!
The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes
TWOJ and Hatashita Enterprises are pleaseed to present the world's first comprehensive judo training book! This is the first in-depth study of the physiology and judo training methods used by world class judoka to achieve peak performance on the tatami...

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Latest TWOJ Cover TWOJ No. 26 Spring, 2001
What's in this issue?
Here's a taste of what you'll find in the latest printed edition of The World of Judo Magazine.
  • Kosei Inoue Technique Page -- Uchimata
  • Paris Tournament 2001
  • Soviet Fitness Training -- Alexander Iatskevitch
  • Half way to Japan and back again
  • Estonian Tournament 2001
  • News reports
  • And much, much more!
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An Open Letter to the American Judo Community
David Matsumoto & Michel Brousse
On the milestone of its 50th anniversary, we have been commissioned by the United States Judo Federation to write a book documenting and celebrating not only the first 50 years of the USJF, but also about the history of American Judo. The book will be similar to the book written by us for the International Judo Federation entitled "Judo: A Sport and A Way of Life". Tentatively, the book will be an 8.5" x 11" hardcover and will be printed in color. There will also be a Deluxe Edition, which will be boxed with a more ornate cover and autographed by us...

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Tallinn International Tournament 2001
Situated at the Western extreme of the Russian Continent , Estonia is ideally positioned as a meeting point for the East and West. With a long established maritime tradition, Tallinn is easily reached from the Scandinavian countries by boat. To get there from countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus takes a 'steady' drive by car! If your choice however is air travel, through Helsinki, you will experience what must be one of the world's shortest scheduled air routes. The plane will take off, climb and and then immediately start to descend before landing. There is barely enough time for the stewardess to handout a chocolate...

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2001 European Championships
Paris, France
Exactly 50 years since the first European championships, the tournament returned to it's first home in the romantic city of Paris in France. And romance was on the menu on the opening day of the tournament as Ulla Werbrouck made the headlines by winning her seventh European title...

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2001 Millennium Cup
Budapest, Hungary
With the score standing at 6 wins to Asia and 5 wins to Europe Kosei Inoue steps onto the mat. An ippon from Inoue will mean almost certain victory for Asia and a place in the final of the Millenium Cup for his continent. But his opponent is Antal Kovacs of Hungary, the 1992 Olympic champion, and he has beaten Inoue before, two years ago, here, in the Hungarian Cup. Since then Inoue has won everything: the World Championships, the Tournoi de Paris and the Olympic Games. He is an ippon machine, apparently unbeatable, and Judo’s greatest star...

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EJU Newsletter The Journal of the European Judo Union
WINTER, 2000
It is with great pleasure that we have included the latest copy of the European Judo Newsletter. The Newsletter can be downloaded from twoj.org as a .pdf file which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have any news that you would like to include in the next issue I would be grateful if you could forward it to me at: ejunews@twoj.org. Hope you enjoy it!

Bob Willingham,
EJU Newsletter Editor, Official IJF Photographer and Media Assisstant

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IJF Picture of the Month IJF Picture of the Month
JULY, 2001
The IJF Picture of the Month features the best in judo action from around the world, all phtographed by the official IJF photographer, Bob Willingham.

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2001 Cuba Cup

2001 European Championships

2001 Asian Championships

2001 Millennium Cup

2001 Tournois de Paris

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Due out: October 2001

A photo report from the World Championships 2001

Techniques, interviews

Prizes to be won

And much, much, more!

Koga, A New Wind -- Coming Soon!

2001 European Championships





BILODID, Gennadi - UKR

BUDOLIN, Aleksei - EST


ZEEVI, Ariel - ISR

TMENOV, Tamerlan - RUS

MIKHAILIN, Alexander - RUS







Ulla Werbrouck (BEL)


LEBRUN, Celine - FRA


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