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The 1st President's Cup
Magnitogorsk, Russia
250,000 dollars!!! This is the amount of prize money that was divided between the successful teams attending the first ever "Presidents Cup", held on December 9th 2000 by the Russian Judo Federation in Magnitogorsk, Siberia. A princely $100,000 for the winning team, $50,000 for the Silver medallists, $25,000 for both the teams taking Bronze and $12,500 for each of the four remaining teams.

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Pertelson Interview
Sardinia, Italy
TWOJ spoke with Indrek Pertelson of Estonia after his win at the Sardinian Tournament in June 2000. Since the Interview Indrek took the +100Kg Bronze medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympics..

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European Team Championships
Aalst, Belgium
There were no surprises in the finals of the most recent European Team Championships for Men and Women held in the town of Aalst in Belgium. The Belgian Judo Federation had gone to great lengths to ensure that the ultimate stadium layout had been created along side the excellent organisation of the event...

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Judo Postage Stamps
Nabeul, Tunisia
Following a request made in 1982 by the Fédération Française de Judo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the creation of judo by Jigoro Kano, clubs had been asked to organise sports and cultural events. It occurred to me that we could use postage stamps to advertise our sport in a new way...

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2001 Tornois de Paris
Paris, France
Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this year's Tornois de Paris kicked off in style. As well as the spectacular judo and the electric atmosphere from the partisan crowd that packed the Parc de Bercy stadium, the French did something rather special this year. Just before the medal ceremony, the stadium lights dimmed and the crowd were treated to a parade of champions, with all the French winners of the Tornois de Paris being brought onto the tatami...

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EJU Newsletter The Journal of the European Judo Union
WINTER, 2000
It is with great pleasure that we have included the latest copy of the European Judo Newsletter. The Newsletter can be downloaded from twoj.org as a .pdf file which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have any news that you would like to include in the next issue I would be grateful if you could forward it to me at: ejunews@twoj.org. Hope you enjoy it!

Bob Willingham,
EJU Newsletter Editor, Official IJF Photographer and Media Assisstant

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IJF Picture of the Month IJF Picture of the Month
APRIL, 2001
The IJF Picture of the Month features the best in judo action from around the world, all phtographed by the official IJF photographer, Bob Willingham.

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Bob Willingham's latest judo photos are available here:

World Judo Championships
2003 Osaka, Japan


Other 2003 Events Include:

Asian Judo Championships
Oceania Judo Championships
South Pacific Games
Pan Am Judo Championships
European Judo Champs

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A photo report from the 2001 Tornois de Paris

2001 IJF Millenium Cup by Team of Continents in Budapest, Hungary
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2001 Paris Tournament



K. Tokumo (JPN)

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D. Fernandes (FRA)

K. Nakamura (JPN)

M. Tobitsuka (JPN)

A. Kovaks (HUN)

J. Dreyfus (FRA)



S. Nichilo-Rosso (FRA)

R. Imbriani (GER)

K. Kusakabe (JPN)

L. Decosse (FRA)

U. Werbrouck (BEL)

C. Lebrun (FRA)

M. Shintani (JPN)

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