Edition No. 22. Spring, 2000. Today is
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Paris Open 2000 2000 Tournoi de Paris
FEBRUARY 12-13, 2000
TWOJ is proud to announce that we have produced a full colour supplement which details the 2000 Tournoi de Paris. This special magazine can be downloaded from twoj.org as a .pdf file which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program). This marks the first in a number of publications that will be produced by TWOJ in co-operation with the International Judo Federation. The Tournoi de Paris supplement is packed with fantastic photographs, reviews of each weight category, in depth interviews with leading judo personalities and much more! It's more than worth the time it takes to download. We will be releasing similar magazines for the upcoming African, European, and Asian Championships, so be sure to come back and visit our web site often!!

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Edition No. 22. Spring 2000 Senior British Closed Championships
Junior European Bronze medallist Tom Cousins (NHC), stole the show at the Ponds Forge Arena in Sheffield by coming out on top in a strong -90kg field. That category always looked likely to be the highlight of the day, as most categories were missing the top fighters. Winston Gordon (Lon) demonstrated the keen competitiveness of this event in his first contest when he ruthlessly dumped a 6th Kyu, Alan Murphy (Mid) for Ippon with Te-guruma. There's no quarter asked, no quarter given at this level...

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Nicola Fairbrother Nik Fairbrother Retires!
After an incredible career in Judo, Nicola Fairbrother has decided to retire. She started with me at the age of seven, so I have come to know her quite well during the last twenty-three years. During this period, her C.V. in Judo has been surpassed by very few Judoka in the world...

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Danny Kingston Danny Kingston Retires!
For the second time, Danny Kingston has announced his retirement from competitive Judo. But this time, on the verge of the Olympic Games, it looks as though he really means it. In recent years Danny has been one of Britainfs most exciting and unpredictable fighters, but a consistent medal winner...

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Stone Wrestling Stone Forest Wrestling
Over the last year I have had the pleasure of working in a remote region of China called the Stone Forest. 80 kms south of Kunming in Yunnan province this amazing Karst rock formation, larger than Dartmoor, is China's biggest natural tourist attraction and is visited by one and a half million Chinese each year. It is also home to the indigenous Sani people, one of the numerous and unusual minority nations in this massive country...

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New EJU President New President Elected to the EJU
On Friday 7th April 2000 at the 52nd Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union, Mr Marius Vizer (the Romanian Judo President) was elected as the new European Judo Union President and thus Vice President of the International Judo Federation. Beating Frans Hoogendijk from the Netherlands, with a clear majority of 33-11, he said "I am very very happy for judo, for me, for the sport in general and I hope we can realise some special things in judo. I have the power with my colleages to make a very strong team"...

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EJU Newsletter The Journal of the European Judo Union
SPRING, 2000
It is with great pleasure that we have included the latest copy of the European Judo Newsletter. The Newsletter can be downloaded from twoj.org as a .pdf file which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have any news that you would like to include in the next issue I would be grateful if you could forward it to me at: ejunews@twoj.org. Hope you enjoy it!

Bob Willingham,
EJU Newsletter Editor, Official IJF Photographer and Media Assisstant

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IJF Picture of the Month IJF Picture of the Month
MAY, 2000
The IJF Picture of the Month features the best in judo action from around the world, all phtographed by the official IJF photographer, Bob Willingham.

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Tadashi Nomura (JPN)

Yordanis Arenciba (CUB)

Ferrid Kheder (FRA)

Maarten Arens (NED)

Frederic Demontfaucon (FRA)

Kosei Inoue (JPN)

Yasuyuki Muneta (JPN)


Atsuko Nagai (JPN)

Liu Yuxiang (CHI)

Magali Baton (FRA)

Jung Sung-Sook (KOR)

Ulla Werbrouck (BEL)

Edinanci F. Silva (BRA)

Yuan Hua (CHI)

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